Navigating my children through grief

‘Before Neil became unwell, I was such a laid-back mum,’ says Linda.

The Guardian

More and more people are leaving tributes to loved ones on memorial websites, but are they opening themselves up to abuse?

Huffington Post

As a widowed mum, I am fiercely protective of my children’s feelings and taking baby steps to control my own emotions stirred up by our loss.

Sec Ed magazine

It is thought that 22,000 children suffer the loss of a parent every year in the UK ― one every 22 minutes. Mother-of-two Linda Aitchison, whose husband died in May, reports on how secondary schools can best meet the needs of these pupils and families

Huffington Post

Trying to cope when someone you love dies is overwhelming.

I lost my wonderful husband Neil at the age of 44 in May. This came after six months of hell of cancer which was never going to be cured. Every day now I’m gripped by a mass of emotions arising from my heartbreak.

But as the cliché tells us, I keep going for my children.

Daily Mail

The sharp sting of grief often strikes when you least expect it.

Business and careers

The Guardian

“Look, it’s just a stitch. Sit down and have a drink and you’ll be fine.” My seven-year-old son rolls around wailing. He’s finished his last sports day race and I’m due back at the office.

“But I’ve got tummy ache Mummy,” Morgan insists loudly, pulling a face like a champion gurner. “You’d better take him home,” chips in his teacher. Yes, thanks a lot. I never thought of that.

HR Director

The vast majority of dog owners would consider pulling a sickie to care for their pets as they prepare to return to work post-lockdown, new research has shown. Almost three quarters are worried about how returning to work will affect their pet, the survey revealed. The poll* widespread end to working from home as UK bosses plan to boost post-pandemic productivity.

The Guardian

Twins and two weeks’ maternity leave. Good luck Marissa Mayer

‘I can’t be the only mum who raised an eyebrow at the Yahoo CEO’s statements. Twins can upset the best laid plans’.


The Guardian

Blaming lateness on your satnav is right up there with ‘the dog ate my homework’ in lame excuses.

The Guardian

A supermaket checkout that isn’t childproof and can’t scan bananas? Sorry, but it’s back to the “10 items only” queue for me.

The Guardian

It’s not just the price of the toll that stops people from using the fancy new private motorway.


The Guardian

From parties to politics: how student life has changed.

Linda Aitchison studied modern languages at Wolverhampton Polytechnic – but ‘didn’t always show up to lectures’. Now her twin daughters are in their first year of university in Nottingham.

Case study and Guardian education supplement cover stars…

The Independent

Linda Jones: My daughters’ school reports are meaningless drivel.

The Independent

The sexual behaviour of children under 10 is starting to mirror that of teenagers.

Children as young as seven are indulging in the sort of sexual behaviour once associated with 16-year-olds, according to parents and teachers.


Reporting on heath developments has been a major part of my work, with features in Diabetes Balance, Essentials, The Independent, NHS Choices, New Woman, One in Four, Take a Break, Sweet magazine, and more. I also set up an award-winning mental health blog, Breaking the Silence.

Caring for a loved one with depression
NHS Choices

Caring for a loved one who has depression

When a loved one suffers from depression, OCD or has a breakdown, it’s not just their life that’s affected. Here are some tips on how to cope if you find yourself in the role of carer

Part of a ‘bank’ of content contributed

The Independent

Experts now believe that mild to moderate depression may be good for us – and even help us live longer.

The Times

Being pregnant with one baby is life-changing; expecting twins, triplets or more can be earth-shattering. But there is new evidence that the extra support and reassurance that multiple-birth parents need from health professionals is sorely absent.

The Independent

Teenage girls should prepare themselves for serious, long-lasting discrimination if they are overweight at the age of 16, according to new research.

The Sun

Mum-of-two Claire Russell was devastated when she lost her boyfriend to suicide and then lost their baby four weeks later.

Breaking The Silence

Debt and mental health: ‘Ignoring things will make it worse’


Daily Mail

Every time Claire Orgill looks at her healthy, happy triplets, she gives thanks that she ignored the doctors’ advice.

The Independent

The biological clock may be ticking for thousands of women. But the dilemma over the best age to start a family has finally been solved: women should aim for 34.

Huffington Post (formerly Parentdish)

Double Trouble? No, having twins is double the joy and double the cuddles

Huffington Post (formerly Parentdish)

When I imagined motherhood, I pictured strolling purposefully along behind a pushchair, humming a happy tune as my baby looked fondly into my smiling face.

The Guardian

The doubled trouble with tales about twins. Why must characterisations of twins always be so lazy and prejudiced?

Personal finance

Woman’s World

Putting money aside used to be a straightforward choice of bank, building society, ISA, stocks, shares, or bonds. But post-recession and banking crash, what does saving look like in 2016?

Woman’s World

Have you always dreamed of winning out of this world prizes from the comfort of your armchair?

This Is Money

A CHARITY for families with twins and triplets is demanding a fair deal from the Government over the new child tax credit.


Traditional Dating Club

If you’re searching for a special someone after recovering from a break-up, these superstar couples show there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Sun

What the cluck! Should hens always get an invite to the wedding? One bride says no, but a snubbed hen has a VERY different view.

The Independent

New research shows why separated women earn more, work longer and are more successful than married women.

Social media

Huffington Post

‘Kids bullied via Snapchat,’ and ‘Snapchat turns your phone into a sex toy’ scream the headlines and I want to instantly ban my daughters from laying their hands on it ever again.

The Guardian (Guardian Technology cover story)

MP Alan Johnson is using the microblogging tool in his campaign to be Labour deputy leader. But is it ‘potentially the biggest waste of time in the world’? Linda Jones reports.

The Telegraph

Female internet users are shattering the image of the lonely nerd, says Diane Shipley.


Writing about the likes of Hilda Ogden and Eddie Yates from a golden soaps era was a dream job. As assistant editor at Corrie Blog, I loved reporting on all the latest news and gossip from the cobbles. I was TV critic at the Wolverhampton Express & Star, with nightly reviews. Working on a regional Sunday paper, character actor interviews included Harry Potter veteran David Bradley. For two series I kept TV Scoop readers up to date with I’m a Celebrity shenanigans. For DollyMix, I launched a Funny Women column to pay tribute to the likes of Caroline Aherne, Liz Smith, Ruth Jones and more.

The Guardian

Is this year’s Big Brother offensive to twins?

My twin daughters are feeling the ‘Samanda effect’ – but at least they’re not facing questions over being a nasty piece of work like Charley.

Buddy Bag Foundation

I support The Buddy Bag Foundation because the personal act of kindness, of giving a child a buddy bag, is invaluable when they are arriving into emergency care. These few essentials aim to help towards restoring their sense of security in what may be a very confusing and scary time for a child.