Early exclusives

Birmingham Six: Interview with Paddy Hill: ‘The real bombers will never be caught’

Celine Figard: In-depth coverage of the murder by Stuart Morgan, I oversaw coverage as local news editor

Fred and Rose West – freelanced with widespread coverage of shocking crimes

Ivan Milat – first UK interview with backpacker who got away, Paul Onions

Robert Maudsley – Broke news of aspects of his life in an underground prison ‘cage’

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Despair over Ukrainians' help hold-ups
Daily Mail

Villagers in despair over refugee scheme shambles as 39 households offer sanctuary to fleeing Ukrainians… but just THREE have been approved and one family is told it could take three months.

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Daily Mail

War on the PPI sharks: Warning to rogue firms as pair who sent spam texts are fined £440,000.



Waking up to the shock the UK economy’s had this year, you’d be forgiven for wanting to pull the duvet back right back over your head.

Rishi Sunak probably feels the same.

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Other news and real life

I pride myself on telling such stories as sensitively as possible, interviewing people who have lived through exceptionally troubling and challenging times, speaking out to make their voices heard and help others.

St Petersburg Press

The war in Chechnya is six weeks old. Already international audiences are growing tired of the haunting images of combat in a faraway rebel republic. But the human cost continues to rise. Last week one anguished St Petersburg family told how it was praying for the safe return of a treasured son.

Sunday Mirror and Daily Express

One of the youngest survivors of the 2015 Tunisia terror attack has told how Prince Harry helped him deal with his grief after three of his family members were killed.


Royal admits mistakes made dealing with Princess Diana death.


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